“We are here to do one thing! And that is to throw a party!”

Township Road is a “Country/Rock” band created in Pittsburgh, Pa. The band is fronted by founding member JD Greene and new lead singer, Christian Beck, who brings an amazing stage presence and energy that takes the band to a new level! Other band members include Mike Meinert on drums, Joe Cataneo on lead guitar and Brad Perciavalle on Bass.

Township Road made it’s debut in 2015 at the BIG 104.7 Birthday Bash which included original front man Zeke Blake, a lifelong friend of JD. As a matter of fact, these two were buddies before they were even born. JD and Zeke’s parents are life-long friends. When JD moved back to the area to work for BIG 104.7 (where he can be heard on the radio from 3p-7p everyday) the two connected and started working on “Township Road”! Zeke has since moved on to North Carolina – but the party needed to continue!

“What comes out is one of the most entertaining, high energy country shows you’ll ever see”

Mike Meinert

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